About Dr. Gordon



  • Marquette Dental School 
  • USF K30 Scholarship Dermatology
  • Oral Maxillo Facial Internship 
  • Ortho/Facial Esthetic Asst. Prof.  SUNY Buffalo Asst. Prof.
  • Periodontal Residency Attended
  • MFA Specializing in Design and Painting.
  • Ph.D. cand. specializing in Facial Aesthetics. 
  • B. A. in Studio Art
  • Currently practicing Cosmetic Dentistry in Boca Raton 

Wanting the best lip augmentation? Introducing Dr. Gordon


Professional DDS, MFA, PhD Cnd.

  • Dr. Gordon is a clinician, author, and lecturer in the field of facial aesthetics. 

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  • Dr. Gordon created the first classification for lip augmentation designed to aesthetically compliment the face as well as the teeth. He is the first author to write a book exclusively on lip augmentation called  called Vermilion Dollar Lips. His following book called Cupid’s Bow ,focused on the eight  lip styles for augmentation. 

     It is with this clinical experience Dr. Gordon has formed the franchise called Dr. Lips. The mission of Dr. Lips is to create a place where anyone can get an affordable, safe and aesthetics lip augmentation of their choice. 

  • Dr. Gordon is currently deep in his PHD studies at Florida Atlantic University, focusing on Aesthetics and the face. 


     Dr. Gordon is also an artist with a Bachelors of art (B.A) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree. His training includes; traditional studio art, painting, and design. This training gives him valuable insight into facial aesthetics that extend beyond tradition clinical practice. Dr. Gordon often says. "A true aesthetic practitioner views the face and the person in an artistic relationship. Balancing the parts of the face with the whole of the face creates the optimal aesthetic result. The artist in me demands this!" 

Personal Consults

     Dr. Gordon is the only Dr. Lips provider certified in lip augmenation in Boca Raton. When you are looking for the best in lip augmentation, Dr. Gordon welcomes you to schedule you personal consultation. 



Q) Will the lip injections hurt?

A)  Dr. Gordon will apply a medical grade anesthetic to your lips, which will leave them numb for the procedure. Insuring a comfortable experience.

Q) Will my lips look distorted and swollen?

A) Dr. Gordon will  place just the right amount of product to create an aesthetic lip style. Not too much and not too little. 

Q) Can I go out in public after the lip augmentation?

A) After your lip procedure you will be able to to out in public, visit friends and enjoy yourself without fear of being noticed as having any abnormal lips. 

Q) How will I know if I like lip enhancement?

A) We understand the fear that is associated with such a sensitive and aesthetic area of the face. Therefor we offer the $99 lip augmentation intro. Dr. Gordon will place a conservative amount in your lips for you to experience the process and results, without the danger of overly augmenting.

$99 Trial Lip Augmentation